A little more about us; Freightways Supply Chain Solutions was founded in 1986. Firstly with international forwarding activities by road, rail, air and sea. In 1990 Freightways started with warehousing activities by popular demand of some existing forwarding customers. 

Today Freightways offers complete logistic services including Value Added LogisticsFiscal RepresentationE-fulfilment and more 


Approximately 40 skilled and motivated employees empower the several business unites of the Freightways group today. Freightways Supply Chain Solutions operates a distribution facility at Katwijk, The Netherlands of 142,000 sq ft (13192 sq metres) 15 miles from Amsterdam Airport and 25 miles from the Port of Rotterdam. Over the recent years Freightways invested in state of the art computer systems for warehouse management and financial processes. The company is privately owned by the President of Freightways Int. Holding B.V.


It is Freightways’ mission to offer complete logistic services of high quality to our customers whom we unburden by commanding part, or all, of their supply chain in a transparent, flexible and reliable manner. 


Our vision is to become a significant logistic service provider while still staying modest and appreciative of both our customers and our employees. Partnership is at the core of our values and we believe that long term relationships give the best results. The longer we know our customers, the better we can serve them. The better we serve our customers, the more they can focus on their core business. This is why we cultivate strong bonds with our staff and customers.

Business Presentation

For more detailed information about Freightways and all its services we have created this handy business presentation. Take a look, flip through the slides and learn all about us.

Business Presentation Freightways

Virtual Tour

Want to have a look inside the Freightways warehouse and office from the comfort of your chair? You can! Click the video below.