Freightways offers several IT solutions to make your life and being one of our customers as easy as possible. 

WMS Login

As a customer of Freightways you are able to log in to our warehouse management system to keep track of your inventory 24/7 and in real time. This is just one of many ways we make sure everything we do is as transparent as possible. Additionaly you will receive an automatically generated weekly e-mail containing all your stock mutations. So one way or the other, you are always up to date on the quantity of your stock. Go the WMS Login

Webshop plugins

Ever since the internet became a popular commodity in the 90’s, e-commerce has also been booming. In the 21st century this boom only grew bigger and louder and now it is hotter than ever. Having goods delivered to your doorstep is clearly the new norm and so more and more companies have decided to set up a digital store. 

To help you run this digital store Freightways has integrated its Warehouse Management System with several popular e-commerce platforms. These will automatically forward your customer’s orders to our orderdesk. Your stock is automatically mutated and and order confirmation, shipping information and a track and trace number are instantly sent to you.  

Currently our WMS is able to communicate with the following plugins: 

     – Shopify
     – WooCommerce
     – Magento
     – Lightspeed

web shop plugins IT solutions

ERP Connections

Our WMS software has the possibility to create a connection with many different ERP systems. By directly connecting your system to ours,  the interchange of information can become as simple as the click of a button. All information on in- and outbound goods can be communicated between these systems and feedback files will be imported into your ERP. Creating this connection does require some effort from your end to customize, but the result will be an effertloss direct line of IT communication. 

In the past we have realized this connection with popular software such as Oracle, SAP and Exact Online. 

Do you want to know if a connection between your web shop and/or ERP system is possible? Contact us and we will look into it.