Having an authorized representative is of vital importance when selling certain products with the CE marking (Conformité Européenne) on the European market. A CE marking is necessary for products like toys, electronics, machinery, personal protective equipment and medical devices. This marking states that the product meets the EU standards for health, safety and environment and allows the manufacturer/retailer to sell it in the European Economic Area. Freightways has partnered up with Alura Group to provide its customers with an authorized representative solution to help them acquire and/or keep the CE marking for their products and to offer consult on complying with EU regulations. These regulations are set to change as of July 16th 2021 so it is crucial to have everything in order before then.

CE marking

It is the burden of the manufacturer to make sure their product qualifies for the CE marking and can therefore be sold in the European Union. This boils down to the following list of tasks for said manufacturer:

     – Find out which requirements apply
     – Applying the requirements to the product design
     – Prove CE compliance
     – Document evidence of CE compliance
     – Maintain CE compliance

Many companies struggle to get their CE marking and then maintain it as well. The fact that the regulations regularly change does not make it easier either. The European market is too big to ignore though, so it is imperative to comply with the regulations and receive your CE marking. Luckily, there is help for such manufacturers in the form of Authorized Representation. An Authorized Representative can assist and consult you to secure a CE marking for your product, making it eligible to be sold throughout the European Union.

As part of the process of getting the CE mark, a technical file of all documentation will be compiled ensuring compliance with the CE requirements. A full copy of this file must be kept in Europe. Some companies choose to give this file to their logistic partner in Europe (like Freightways) though others find the information in the file too sensitive and confidential to do so. This is where the Alura Group comes in. A completely neutral party that does not compete with distributors or agents.

Other benefits include:

     – Alura Group offers a point of contact in the European Union for the communication with competent authorities accesible during European office hours. Their name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address may be printed on product labels, user manuals, brochures, the Declaration of conformity etc.
     – Their excellent CE marking specialists will handle all inquiries and communication on your behalf. Of course, you will be kept informed about all communications.
     – Their experts are ready to help you with your regulatory compliance questions.
     – Alura Group will keep you informed of latest relevant developments in the CE regulations.

Should you have any more questions about our Authorized Representative service, please contact us.