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Who is Freightways:
Freightways is a business group which is active in the field of international logistics and consists of the following
private limited companies (BV):
– Freightways Distriservices B.V.
– Freightways Internationale Expediteurs B.V.
– Freightways Special Projects B.V.
– Freightways Tax & Customs Services B.V.
– Freightways Handling Services B.V.

In this statement we mean all Freightways’ BV’s when we refer to “Freightways”.


Freightways respects your privacy in its activities. We want to be at your service as well as possible. This is why
we sometimes need personal data to let this service proceed as optimally and safely as possible. Protecting the
security and privacy of your personal data is not only in your interest, but also in the interest of Freightways
itself. We hereby observe the legislation and regulations which impose specific requirements on the use of
privacy-sensitive information.
With this privacy statement we hope that we can explain to you why we collect certain information, how we use
and save this information and with whom we can share this information.
Personal information
You can visit our website without having to release your personal data for this.
Personal information which we collect in another way may become available when an offer is requested, an
assignment is accepted, a business card is provided, after a registration for our newsletter or because personal
information has been passed to us in a different way, for example during a (telephone) conversation, through an
e-mail or by post.
When you apply for a job, the data stated in your CV will be saved, together with information about the job
When you are employed by Freightways, your personal data will be saved very carefully by the responsible
party. We share the data with our accountant with whom a processing agreement is concluded.
The staff who are responsible for business contacts usually collect contact details such as name, email address,
telephone number and details about the contact moments.
Our aim is to save only a minimum number of data, which are necessary for carrying out our job or your request.
When obliged, data are shared with government agencies such as the Tax and Customs Administration and/or
the customs.
When you decide to provide personal information to us that we need to carry out an assignment, draw up an
offer or correspond with you, we guarantee that this information will be treated confidentially.

How are your data used?
– For providing offers
– For carrying out assignments
– For giving assignments
– For maintaining our relationship and providing you with information
– For developing business activities and services

Protection and quality of the information
Freightways wants to monitor the quality, confidentiality, accuracy and completeness of the personal
information and applies adequate technical and management procedures for this purpose. Requests from clients
to change or delete personal information are dealt with as soon as possible. When you indicate that certain
information may not be used as a basis for further contact, we will respect this. This means that your privacy is
guaranteed. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this document.

Access control
As part of our AEO certification and the compulsory inspection to see who is present in our premises, we use
access control in the form of tags to provide access for the staff and a logbook is kept of visitors.

Website / Cookies
When you visit our website, we can temporarily save some information on your computer in the form of a
“cookie”. Saving temporary data in a cookie helps us to tailor the content of our website better to your needs
and increase its ease of use. The data are saved in a temporary cookie. This means that the data entered by you
are only kept as long as you have opened your internet browser. The cookie will be deleted when you close your

Links to other sites
Our website includes links to websites of other parties. Freightways cannot be held accountable for sites of
other parties and any collection of personal data through these sites.

Retention period
Your personal data are kept as long as you have a (business) relationship with us and during the subsequent
statutory period. Then the data will be filed for reference purposes in the future. You can object against this and
request us to remove your data from our files or anonymise them, providing this is not in violation with the
statutory retention period.

Privacy policy
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we will collect and use the personal data that you provide
to us, because they are necessary to conclude and implement a possible agreement with you. This applies both
to our (potential) clients and to parties from whom we purchase items and/or services.
If you are a (potential) client of us, we will use your data to send you an offer, determine with which
specifications or wishes a certain issue or service must comply, deliver items or perform work for you, submit
invoices and communicate with you about the implementation aspects of the agreement.

If you are a (potential) supplier or another contractor, your personal data are also required for concluding and
implementing the agreement. In the purchasing process it is necessary to inform you with what specifications or
wishes a certain item or service must comply in our opinion, send a request for an offer or place an order or
assignment with you, pay your invoices and communicate with you about other aspects of the agreement.
You are not obliged to provide your personal data to us. However, if you do not provide any or insufficient
information to us, it is possible that we cannot implement the above-mentioned activities.
In connection with the implementation of a possible agreement with you, it is possible that we will have to
provide your personal data to parties who supply parts, materials, products or services to us or are assigned by
us to perform work. Furthermore, we use internal and external server space to store (parts of) our sales and
purchasing administration, which may also include your personal data. For this reason your personal data will be
provided to the provider for our warehouse management system and the provider for accounting software. In
the spring of 2019 we will save our data in “the cloud” and modify the privacy statement accordingly to this.
Furthermore, we use Microsoft Office and the accompanying storage options for e-mails and other files.
Processor’s agreements are/will be concluded with the parties in question, if necessary.

Your rights
You are entitled to request us to inspect your own personal data. If there is a reason to do so, you can also
request us to supplement your personal data or change inaccuracies. You are also entitled to request us to
delete your personal data or restrict the use of your personal data. You can also lodge an objection with us
against the collection and use of your data or lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch
DPA). Finally, you can request us to obtain your personal data or transfer these data to another person or party.
In order to exert your rights you can contact Freightways through .
You can also contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive more information about the collection
and use of your personal data.

Modifications in this privacy Policy
This privacy statement can be modified at any moment through the publication of a reviewed version. A newly
modified or reviewed privacy statement will become effective as from the review date. This is why we advise
you to check this privacy statement periodically to be kept informed about how Freightways protects your data.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us:
Freightways Supply Chain Solutions

Nijverheidstraat 2, 2222 AV Katwijk, The Netherlands.
Tel. +31 (0)71 4090701. Email
This privacy statement was most recently updated on 13 November 2018.