Freightways is most experienced in international freight forwarding. At the dawn of the company, back in 1986, forwarding was the very first service offered. From there we started growing and expanding. Helped by agents all over the world who negotiate in the local language, we can assure all shipments and orders will be executed as smoothly as possible and for a competitive price.

Streamlining complexities with adept international freight forwarding

Moving your wares from point A to point B can present a myriad of challenges. Navigating through customs, overcoming language barriers, and pinpointing the right shipper can become significant hurdles in the vast landscape of international freight forwarding. With us as your logistic service provider, you can rest assured that your European Distribution is in the hands of professionals. But our expertise isn’t limited merely to Europe; we navigate international freight forwarding to and from any global destination. With over 30 years of experience in distribution, warehousing and international forwarding, your supply chain finds a secure and proficient haven in our hands. Using the global network of partners we cultivated over the years, we can offer you speed, quality and flexibility.

Ocean Freight Services

– Full Container Load Services (FCL)
– Consolidated Services (LCL)
-Deep Sea and short sea services
– Inland container shipping (to European inland terminals)

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Road Transportation Services

– Consolidated transportation services to and from all European destinations
– Full-load truck services
– Couriers / express transportation services
– Dedicated transportation services ranging from envelopes to truck loads

Road Freight Forwarding

Air Freight

– Global consolidated import and export services
– Full and part air charters

Seize unmatched logistic mastery

Elevate your global trade with elite international freight and parcel forwarding that prioritizes precision and reliability. Connect with us to unlock a streamlined, stress-free logistical journey. Secure your customized quote today by emailing and step into a realm where each consignment is not just delivered but is masterfully orchestrated with our authorized representation to ensure timeliness and security across every segment of its journey. Let’s weave a future of boundless trade possibilities together, navigating through every logistical complexity of international forwarding with unparalleled proficiency and ease.

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