What Our Customers Say

What our customers say

Of course it is easy for us to say we deliver top notch logistical services. Better yet, we can let our customers do the talking for us. In 2020 we conducted a survey asking them for feedback and a grade. The results were overwhelming.

Apparently our customers are so thoroughly satisfied with Freightways’ services, they rewarded us with a grade of 9/10. The feedback that was gathered was quickly transformed into new and more efficient internal procedures. We are always trying to improve our services and make life easier for our customers. And they recognize this. 

Our customers mostly praised us for: 

1. Accuracy

2. Cost efficiency

3. Clear and quick communication

4. On time delivery

5. Complete service package (VAL, Fiscal representation etc.) 

6. Customer Support

what our customers say

Additional remarks

These surveys lead to some beautiful quotes by our customers that we would like to share with you here. Here is what our customers had to say about Freightways’ services: 

Our facturation was deemed “straightforward and easy”.

When it comes to order picking and shipping we heard a lot of similar quotes along the lines of “very few errors”, “rarely any problems” and “very few mistakes”.

As for customer support, one of our customers told us that we “know her customers very well”. And the communication was deemed “quick and helpful”. On the whole we were told that we are “very easy to work with”.

Some other remarks that put a smile on our faces were:

“Freightways is great and easy to work with”

“It’s as perfect as it can get”

“Accurate, responsive and quick”

“Sometimes I look at other logistic companies and wonder; why don’t they do it like Freightways?”

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