The fiscal representation of Freightways offers a solution for fiscal matters when entering the European market. As fiscal representative in the Netherlands, we specialize in all the bureaucratic aspects required for your international supply chain flow. We represent foreign companies for both fiscal and Customs requirements.

The importance of fiscal representation in your export journey

As a foreign entrepreneur exporting goods to the European Union, it is required that you have a European VAT-number or that you import the goods under the VAT number of your fiscal representative. This is dependent on the form of fiscal representation you choose to use. For both types of fiscal representation, a license is needed as well as a customer’s statement officially appointing the fiscal representative. A fiscal representation is a service embedded in our international distribution services.

Adapting to new norms

Since 2021, VAT obligations of B2C e-commerce sellers have been drastically reformed. This was done to battle fraud and boost cross-border online sales. Furthermore, E-commerce sellers are now able to report all their Pan-EU distance sales on a single VAT return in their home country and the VAT exemption for small parcels valued under €22 has been removed. Online marketplaces have become deemed suppliers when they facilitate certain B2C cross-border transactions of their third-party sellers. They are then responsible to collect, report and remit the VAT due from the customer. We help you navigate through these new VAT obligations as part of our fiscal representative service.

Elevate your trade

Navigate the complex seas of international trade effortlessly with our adept fiscal representation. With a fiscal representative dedicated to smoothly sailing your business over fiscal hurdles and ensuring every tax and duty complies precisely, tranquility in trade becomes your new norm. Contact us and let’s sculpt a future of compliant, effortless international forwarding. Secure your tailored quote today by emailing and watch every transaction become a stride towards seamless, unbridled international trade.

Fiscal Representation