Frequently Asked Questions

Does Freightways have an MOQ (minimum order quantity)?


Can Freightways store dangerous goods?


Can Freightways assist in my worldwide transports besides storage?

Yes, we arrange transports from and to anywhere. By road, sea or air.

Can Freightways store and handle my organic products?

Yes, we are SKAL licenced for storage.

Can Freightways also be the importer of record for my organic goods?

No, but we can help you set up a construction to import your organic goods where you are your own importer of record. More information here.

I have a web store. Can I integrate this with your warehouse management system?

Yes, we can create a connection between our WMS and your web store if it runs on one of the following: Shopify, Lightspeed, WooCommerce or Magento.

I need fiscal representation in the European Union, can Freightways assist me with this?

Yes, Freightways can act as your fiscal representative.

My products need a CE marking for the European market, can Freightways assist me with this?

Yes, we can put you in touch with a partner firm of ours, Alura Group, who specializes in that field.

Does Freightways do crowdfunding fulfilment?

Yes, if you have launched your project through Kickstarter or Gamefound we can help you with the fulfilment. We have an efficient process in place which helps us do so for competitive prices.



Is your question not on this list? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer it for you.