Freightways was founded in 1986 and has an advantageous central location in Europe. 

We offer a complete service package so we can arrange all your logistics from A to Z. 

For existing customers, log in to our warehouse management system and keep track of your stock 24/7 in real time. 

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Our Services

Storage and distribution to anywhere in the world by air, sea, road or rail. Our warehouse has a storage location for every size of product from pallet to shelf to bin. We also offer bonded warehousing.

Freightways is an international freight forwarder from the start of its activities. With over 35 years of experience in forwarding it is still at the core of our business. 

Freightways can customize your product for each European country by repacking, labelling, adding promotion materials or translating manuals to name a few examples. We can make sure your product caters to the needs of any European country.

Certain products require a CE marking to be sold on the European market. This mark means that your product meets the standards for health, safety and environment. Freightways can help you acquire and keep this marking. 

E-commerce has been booming for years and there seems to be no end in sight to that boom. Freightways is equipped to handle the logistics of your e-commerce business. Our Warehouse Management System can communicate with popular API’s like Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Freightways Fiscal Representation specializes in all the bureaucratic aspects required for your international supply chain flow. We represent foreign companies for both fiscal (VAT) and Customs requirements.

Freightways supply chain solutions

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Not only does The Netherlands have a central location in Europe with worldclass infrastructure, Freightways is located right in between Amsterdam Airport and the Port of Rotterdam.


Freightways is financially independent and stable. Plus we are located in a country that never has any natural disasters or extreme policital turmoil. 


Freightways is not only for European Distribution. We ship to and from anywhere in the world and we have agents in strategic places to negotiate better deals in the spoken language of the country. 

Why choose Freightways?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Freightways as your logistic partner. We’ve listed a few of them here, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can find testimonials from some of our customers below. 


Time difference can be a hurdle when dealing with global logistics. Our customers often praise us however on our promptness and response times. Beyond that we offer tailor-made solutions to fit our customers’ needs.

No language barrier

The Netherlands is the best non-native English speaking country in the world. You will have a hard time finding a Dutch person that isn’t fluent in English. This goes for Freightways as well. 


Freightways is an Authorized Economic Operator, speeding up the process of shipping freight and lowering the costs. On top of that we are also SKAL certified meaning we can store and distribute your organic products.  

Client Testimonials

In 2023 we surveyed our customers to ask how satisfied they are with our services. They judged us overall with a 9/10 and had some lovely things to say. Here are some examples. 

Freightways is great to work with and their customer support is simply perfect.

Mr. Longarm
maureen newman

Mr. Longarm Inc.

I’m very satisfied with Freightways. Their response time is short, they communicate well and are very accurate. It’s as perfect as it can get. 

Carolyn bean

Clayton Corporation

Freightways is the best logistic company I have ever worked with. Friendly, professional staff that communicates quickly and competitive rates. Freightways makes my life easy, I truly love working with them.  

Jason exum

Dyce Games

Our year in numbers

In 2023 we shipped to 90 different countries of destination. Here are the numbers of our in- and outbound goods. 

Orders processed
Amount of items picked and packed
Items stored

A word from the owner


My name is Sonja Bennes, the proud owner of Freightways since October 2020 after having been General Manager for 15 years and 33 years of service total. Our organization characterizes itself through transparency, communication and close partnership. Doing this we are an extension of our customers which leads to long-term collaborations. Together with our team we take care of our customers’ day-to-day logistic operations, unburdening them fully in this respect.              Welcome to our website!    

sonja bennes