European distribution

European distribution center

Freightways European distribution center, located in Holland, may be just the strategic partner you need!

We are very experienced in the labyrinth of documentation needed to move goods and services both within the EEC and outside.

“We make Europe accessable for you and take care of timely delivery to your valued customer.”

European distribution center

Why a Centralized European Distribution Center (EDC)?

Although the EU has harmonized its markets since 1992, there are still some differences in language taste and culture between European countries. Therefore, it is not possible to sell one generic product in the European market. Every region needs its own small products adjustments. Companies can implement or expand VAL (Value Added Logistics) activities in the EDC in order to execute these small products adjustments. Centralized European distribution leads to better inventory control on European scale and therefore better forecasting and production planning on a global scale.The total distribution process becomes more efficient resulting in shorter order-cycle-times.

Why The Netherlands?

The strength of Rotterdam, one of the world’s largest seaports, is a strong reason why multinational companies locate their EDC in the Netherlands. The ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam together handle almost 50% of all sea-cargo in Europe. When setting up an EDC in Europe you need a dynamic, highly competitive and high quality level transportation system with the European mainland, including Eastern Europe. Dutch road haulers handle 27% of all international road transport in Western Europe. Because of the advantages of Holland as a European Gateway (two main ports close together, competitive European transportation networks, etc.) many international companies have set up their main European warehousing facilities in The Netherlands.

Why Freightways?

Freightways is a group of companies that offer total worldwide logistics and sales.The warehouse facilities combine a close proximity to major retail accounts with sophisticated information and security systems.The central warehouse location is very important as over half the population of Europe (160 million) lives within 300 miles of Freightways warehouse in Holland. From here a one or two day delivery to most major European cities is possible. A menu of services is offered that allows manufacturers to tailor their exact distribution needs of their company. Well-known American companies already experience the advantage of Freightways Worldwide Sales and Logistics Services.

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