Freightways, your European distribution center situated in The Netherlands, emerges as the strategic partner you’ve been seeking, especially when synchronized collaboration with adept partners is paramount! Experienced in unraveling the complex labyrinth of exporting goods, both within and outside the EEC, we curate access to the EU, simplifying your journey in distribution. Entrusting us with your logistics not only ensures a fast and reliable European distribution but also embeds your operations within a robust framework of supply chain distribution in Europe, guaranteeing a seamless, strategic passage of your goods across the continent.

European distribution center

Navigating diversities with our European distribution center

The European Union has harmonized its markets since 1992, but is still a rich palette of different languages and cultures. This often implies that not only your communication strategy but potentially your product itself may require meticulous adjustment for each market. Companies can implement or expand value added logistics activities to execute these small product adjustments. We will see to it that your product has the best chance to succeed in every corner of our continent, all the while optimizing the retail distribution process, resulting in shorter order-cycle-times. Leveraging years of experience navigating these assorted markets as a strategic European distribution center, we intricately understand and adroitly manage these variances. Partnering with us not only provides you with premier access to our seasoned European distribution partners but also ensures your brand’s harmonious integration and alignment within the EU distribution channels. Undertaking a comprehensive role, we facilitate a fast and reliable European distribution, adjusting and synchronizing your product and communication to meet the variegated expectations across different markets. That way, we can offer suitable Kickstarter fulfillment services. Moreover, our expertise embeds your operations in an effective supply chain distribution Europe-wide, ensuring that while we adjust to cultural and linguistic nuances, your products sail smoothly through the varied European landscapes.

Bolstering through certificates and partnerships

Freightways offers total worldwide logistics and sales and seamlessly integrates your operations with a strategic European distribution center, anchoring you firmly within the EU’s vibrant market. Our warehouse facilities, a linchpin in your supply chain, not only boast proximity to major retail accounts but also integrate sophisticated information and security systems, ensuring a robust, secure, and streamlined distribution Europe-wide. Positioned centrally where almost half of Europe’s population resides within accessible reach, we assure a fast and reliable European distribution. Most importantly, from here a one- or two-day distribution to the center of most major European cities is easily done. As your reliable European distribution partners, we also encompass fiscal representation to assist foreign companies to enter the European market.

Initiate your journey with us

We offer bonded warehousing, an invaluable asset made accessible through a special license we hold with Customs, aligning strategically with a fast and reliable European distribution. Using this license, we can delay payment of import tariffs until goods are shipped to your customer. So, you only pay duties when you know your product has a buyer. In the meanwhile, your goods will be stored in our warehouse as bonded stock, maintaining this status indefinitely and enhancing the efficacy of your supply chain distribution across Europe. If your customer is located outside of the European Union, the goods can be transported  with our international distribution services under Customs bond (T1). This means duties are only paid in the country of destination and not within the EU, avoiding double payment. Engage with us, request a quote by emailing, and let’s embark on a journey towards redefining your distribution narrative in Europe, converging on excellence and seamless supply chain distribution Europe-wide.