Authorized Economic Operator

Freightways is the proud owner of several certifications giving us and our customers certain benefits. Firstly, Freightways operates under the AEO status, which is the EU response to the need to secure the international supply chains and to the US Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and the World Customs organization (WCO). A logistic service provider with an AEO certification receives a low security risk rating that offers benefits to their clients such as: 

– Fast Lane for shipments (AEO logistics service provider will be given priority)
– Simplified Customs declarations
– Fewer physical Customs inspections
– AEO as a Global Quality mark or the international supply chain

AEO is a Government audit of our Financial well being and Customs compliance, that guarantees Freightways clients both domestic and overseas a secure, safe and dependable component in their Supply Chain.

Organic Certification (EKO/SKAL)

Worldwide the demand for organic and biological food is increasing rapidly. Consumers are becoming more and more environmentally aware and this reflects in their purchasing behavior. 

Throughout the whole chain of delivery in this market it is important to work with organic-certified partners, which we proudly are and have been since 2011.

For the past decade we helped ship countless of organic and biological products all over the world. We are able to do this because of our EKO and SKAL biocontrol certification, issued by the Dutch organic control authority according to European organic rules. So you can rest assured that your organic products as well, are in safe hands with us.

So, should you have organic products that you want to sell on the European market, Freightways is your partner to help you accomplish this. We already store and distribute several organic products (coffee, tea, chocolate) and are open to welcome more. 

We will treat your product with the respect and delicacy it requires and can also help you when it comes to the international forwarding of your product. 

If your company is established outside of the European Union an EU entity will need to be set up in order to import the goods into the EU. Freightways can assist you in doing this as part of our Dutch Entity Administration service

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