Freightways Supply Chain Solutions

In this modern world, everything is perpetually connected with everything else. Goods are being ordered, purchased and shipped from a distribution center 24/7. No markets or distribution channels are exclusive anymore and your options in the world of logistics are limitless.

In order to navigate this global network, it is imperative that you have an experienced logistic service provider you can rely upon. A logistic partner that not only helps you move your wares to the right places, but also takes care of tax, customs, e-fulfilment and more.

Freightways is your logistic partner for all your supply chain solutions. Whether you need something forwarded, or are looking for a tailored European distribution center, Freightways delivers.

Freightways’ services include:

Freightways International forwarding services
International forwarding
Freightways European distribution services
European distribution
Freightways Value added logistics services
Value added logistics
Fiscal Represenation
Fiscal Representation
Authorized Representation
Freightways E-fullfillment services

Our Certifications:

Freightways Authorized Economic Operator
Authorized Economic Operator
Organic certified company

Why choose Freightways?

Besides the 35 years of experience and complete service package there are a plethora of reasons to choose Freightways as your logistic partner.

        Geography. The Netherlands has a central location in Europe and is known for its brilliant infrastructure and capacity for trade. Freightways itself is situated in between the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport, where enormous amounts of wares are shipped and received every day. Both of these ports are less than an hour away from our warehouse.

        Certifications. Freightways is an Authorized Economic Operator, speeding up the process of shipping freight and lowering costs. On top of that we are also SKAL certified, meaning we are equipped to store and ship organic wares.

        Reliability. You can safely rely on us to handle your wares. We are financially independent and stable in a country that never has natural disasters or political turmoil.

        Flexible. Time difference can be an issue when dealing with global logistics. Our current customers regularly praise us however that our communication is prompt and clear.  We will go the extra mile to make sure all your questions are answered and your mind is at ease. 

        Worldwide. We can ship your freight to and from any corner of the globe. No distance is too great for Freightways. We also have native agents in several strategic places to negotiate better terms in the spoken language of that country. We find that helps us get better deals. 

Are you interested in one or several of our services? Please use the form below to request a quote.