E-Fulfillment to B2B & B2C Online sales markets

“E-fulfillment: Directly from your customers’ order we take care of correct and on time delivery, invoicing and customer care. Your customers will be highly satisfied.”

A trend has been observed for some time whereby supply chains are changing from push to pull driven processes. Customers have become more individualistic and are placing higher demands on products and services. This means that companies have to be able to respond ever more quickly to changing demands from the market. They cannot do this by building  up larger stocks, but will have to look for efficient processes with short turnaround times. Increasingly, the supply chain is initiated at the start of the clients order.

The Freightways organization with its broad experience in international forwarding and warehousing offers a full range of e-fulfillment  services tailored to the internet retailer or operator such as;
– Electronic order acceptance
– Full integration with most popular platforms
– Pick and Pack (Radio Frequency)
– Order-assembly
– (Multilingual) Customer care center
– Return/warranty handling
– 24/7 real-time online inventory monitoring through web portal
– National and International Shipping and delivery
– Financial services
– Full supply chain management from Manufacturer to Consumer

F4E: Fulfillment for Europe

Freightways is proud to be the exclusive fulfillment partner of F4E in The Netherlands. A network of selected fulfillment companies with the highest quality standards and best references.
Visit www.f4e-fulfillment.com for more information.

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