Our Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities

At Freightways, we take our responsibilities to society seriously. We support several good causes. We help young people get educated into the world of logistics and we try to preserve our precious planet as best we can. 

Our Responsibilities: CSR

Businessfriend KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)

As part of our responsibilities, Freightways supports the Dutch Cancer Society “KWF” by monthly donations as a businessfriend. KWF = Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds. This Fund was founded in 1949 and named after our late queen Wilhelmina, the great-grandmother of our current king. With the money, the Fund invests in scientific research to battle cancer, support to patients and information to all. We support  the American Cancer Society as well.

Our Responsibilities: KWF
Our Responsibilities: ACS

Internship Company

Since several years Freightways is an enthusiastic training company for students in the logistic sector. We take our responsibilities to young people and their future very serious and it is good to see that many among them stay here after completing their education.



We care about the world and our environment!  In our warehouse we use 100% recyclable plastics to fill up the gaps in packages. We re-use as much packaging materials as possible. All waste is removed separated. The lights in the warehouse are all sustainable LEDs and will automatically go off if there’s nobody in that path. Our management is driving electric cars. We think before we print and if possible we keep it on the screen. We drink our coffee or tea from re-usable cardboard cups. And last but not least we are considering having solar panels  installed on our roof.


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