Our Networks

Our networks

Freighways is member of the WPA, NDL/HIDC and F4E. Read more about our networks:

WPA: Worldwide Partners Alliance

Freightways is a member of Worldwide Partners Alliance (WPA). WPA is an ISO 9001 certified network of logistics providers. Members of WPA transact significant amounts of business with each other. The Alliance monitors financial & operational standards of these transactions. Visit www.ourwpa.com for more information.

NDL/HIDC: Matchmaker for Logistics Partnerships in Europe

NDL/HIDC (Holland International Distribution Council) is a private, non-profit organization representing approximately 450 companies and organizations in the Dutch logistics industry in The Netherlands. Based on years of experience and in-depth knowledge of European logistics, NDL/HIDC supplies tailor-made advice and match-making services to foreign companies that are entering the European market for the first time, or that are expanding or re-engineering their European supply chain structures. All members of NDL/HIDC have strong track records in their respective fields, enabling NDL/HIDC to identify the most suitable logistics service providers for every inquiry. All advisory services are free of charge, totally confidential and without obligation. Visit  https://hollandinternationaldistributioncouncil.com/en/ for more information. 

F4E: Fulfillment for Europe

Freightways is proud to be the exclusive member of F4E in The Netherlands. This exclusive network of European fulfillment specialists consists of local market leaders, owner-managed fulfillment companies who work closely together for the benefit of their customers. Only selected fulfillment companies with the highest quality standards and best references are members of F4E. Visit www.f4e-fulfillment.com for more information.

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