Marketing & sales support

Marketing & sales support

Besides our high standard logistic services we offer you, in partnership with BSMS, marketing & sales support. We make customized sales & marketing campaigns to help you grow your European business. 

We also help with web development and Online marketing. Whether you need a simple or state-of-the-art online shop, we can build it for you following the applicable regulations per country. 

Optional, we take care of your invoicing, financial administration, transactions, VAT administration, accounts receivable management and multilingual customer care. 


– Scan 1 market:  Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden etc.
– Identify the most suitable selling channels: DIY/Professional, Retail, Online, Omni channel
– Identify the potential customers in the market
– Benchmark against existing products
– Check what registration/certification is needed per market.

You will receive a report with the summary of all relevant information per market including the recommendations for the next steps.

Price €1200,-
Estimated time 15 hours

Lead generation and sampling

– Based on the market scan or known prospects we contact these organisations
– The prospects will receive a mailing to explain the USP’s of the product/concept.
– All prospects will be followed up by mail and phone
– Once the high potentials are known, the samples will be send to these prospects
– After receiving the sample another follow up call and mail will be made to make the deal.

You as a customer will be part of the process. We will determine pricing in advance so that the potential buyer can easily make a decision.

A report will be made with the relevant correspondence, feedback and contact details.

Together with you and Freightways we will determine the next steps.

Price €4450,- + shipping costs of the samples
Estimated time 60 hours

We can also take care of your business trip follow up, and follow up on the leads after participating on a trade show.


Set up the account and arrange all the details such as planogram, payment, delivery terms and a forecast of quantities. Also a visit of the buyer/company to establish the relationship.

A visit can be done by us alone or together with you. Transparency is key so it is clear to all parties involved what the long term strategy will be.

Price €1250,- per account + travel expenses
Estimated time 15 hours per account


To set up a new line of business the cost will be as follows:
1 x market scan €1150,-
1 x lead generation and sampling €4450,-
3 x implementation €3450,-
Total cost €9050,-

This means that your market entry in the European market can be done for less than traveling to Europe yourself and spending a great deal of time in an unfamiliar market.

Account management

you’ve built up business in the European market. Now you want to maintain and grow your business. There are a lot of challenges if you want to do this. There are practical issues, like time difference, cultural differences and language barriers. Remote markets make it hard to have a meeting on short notice to discuss a great opportunity or go to a location in order to take care of a complaint.

BSMS is a strategic partner of Freightways. Together we are able to handle both logistics as well as commercial issues on your behalf. After all a happy customer is the best way to maintain and grow your business.

With over 15 years of experience in the markets BSMS knows the culture, language and the habits of doing business. Your customer can reach out to us all day as we are in the same time zone.

We are there to help and assist. Speed of response is a critical factor to keep your customer happy.

BSMS takes the load off your shoulders. We can act quickly and meet your customer the same or next day to get things done.

BSMS can do this for you at a fraction of the costs compared to setting up your own organisation.

We work together with you and Freightways to form a strategic partnership and to get the maximum result. This allows you to focus on your own organisation and grow your overseas business at the same time.

Feel free to contact us to and get started:
Sierd Bosma
T: +31 627057939

For more information about our Marketing & Sales support please contact us.