Contract logistics

Contract logistics

Mass-individualization and new marketing methods have led to mass-niche consumer markets that need “tailor-made” distribution solutions.

In the rapidly changing economy the consumer demands products be suited to their own specifications and requires that those products be delivered in the most efficient and effective way.  At the same time, same-day delivery and one-day delivery are becoming more and more omnipresent and are therefore expected by consumers. This is why products destined for European markets must be warehoused close to their destination.

Freightways’ modern warehouse is located beautifully for this. Surrounded by Scandinavia, Germany, France and the UK, we are able to reach most of Europe in the wink of an eye. Especially since we are located very close to the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Combining this with a modern IT environment we can offer “one stop shopping” for European Supply Chain services.

Warehousing services

In our high quality and modern 142.000sq ft warehouse, we store your valuable goods with dedication.

– Storage under Customs bond
– Non bonded storage
– Reverse logistics
– Inventory management by WMS (Warehouse management system)
– Order picking and packing Radio Frequency (RF) powered

Value added services

– Assembly
– Shop-services
– Invoicing and financial services
– Testing and configuration
E-commerce logistics

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