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Logistic solution for Brexit victims

European distribution after the Brexit

It surely has not escaped you that Brexit is imminent. As of January 1st 2021 Great Britain will no longer be part of the European Union and possibly not of the European customs union. This will affect free trade between the UK and continental Europe. Starting next year goods shipped from the UK to Europe and Ireland will, in case of a no-deal Brexit, have to go through customs which means your wares will be subdued to checks and tariffs. This, in turn, will mean your products will take longer to reach their destination and at a higher cost than usual. Costs that will force you to drive your prices up so your customers will end up paying for it. So if you are a UK based company or a North American company with a third party logistic partner in the UK, it might be time to think about your European distribution. You don’t want to let Brexit throw a wrench in your supply chain.

Our logistic solution

Luckily, there is a solution to all your European distribution problems. In The Netherlands, just across the North Sea, we are still part of the European Union and have no intention of leaving. Moving your wares over here will mean you still get to trade freely with Europe. At Freightways, in The Netherlands, we have been part of the world of logistics for over 30 years. Warehousing, international forwarding,  distribution, value added logistics. You name it, we do it. We can even help you with all the paperwork that is needed for tax and customs. We are a third party logistics company that offers you the complete package of services and have the freedom to take care of your European distribution. On top of that, we are located near both the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol airport. Combined with the fact that The Netherlands has great infrastructure and exports heavily, you can rest assured that your supply chain is in good hands with us.


It is our belief that moving some or all of your warehousing activities to The Netherlands could be beneficial to both of us. Should you have any questions about our logistic solution for Brexit victims or maybe would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to contact us: .